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Thank you for visiting Sharp Knife's Blanket.  Your interest and enthusiasm for authentic Plains Indian items is much appreciated, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you.  Through my living history and material reproduction work, I strive to share the things I have learned through my studies and experiences. The replicas I create and share are meant to enlighten and inspire those who view and use them. My goal is to assist in keeping the record straight regarding the lives of the Plains Indians, minimizing the many misconceptions, inaccuracies and stereotypes that exist today.


The items pictured on this site are examples and some may have been sold. If an item is not in stock, it may be reproduced for you.


Check the calendar of events to find out where you may meet me and visit my trade blanket in person. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding my work or to discuss your custom orders.


Taŋyáŋ awáŋiglaka yo (take good care of yourself)


Melapeyawin (Sharp Knife Woman)


Sharp Knife Woman, Kris Swanson

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