Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a historic reproduction?


When we reproduce items as historic reproductions, our goal is to recreate the product using the same materials and designs used in original pieces. If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding the authenticity of a product's design, please contact us for documentation. We would be happy to oblige.


2. What are historic reproductions used for?


Many of our products have been placed on display in homes and businesses as works of art. Others have been purchased by reenactors for use in living history, pow wows, films and other activities. Because they are made using the highest quality materials and techniques, our items are durable and fully functional, unless otherwise noted.


3. What is brain tanned leather and why do you use it?


Brain tanned leather is used on all items unless otherwise specified. Brain tanned leather is made by a labor-intensive process which uses emulsified oils, often those of animal brains. They are known for their exceptional softness and their ability to be washed. It is comfortable, yet durable and breathable when worn next to the skin.  This leather is tanned using the same techniques Native Americans have used for centuries.


4. How authentic are the materials you use?


The most unique feature of the reproductions you are about to see is that only period correct materials are used. Linen thread is used for beadwork, although items designed for use may also be finished using nylon beading thread for durability. The brain tanned deer, elk and buffalo hide is used for all reproductions. Hand worked buffalo and deer rawhide is used for parfleche items. Natural earth pigments are used for painting. Most reproductions are made with a patina to appear as if they are as old as the period in which they would have been originally created. Beads used feature old-time colors and when available, old stock beads. Items made with old stock beads will be labeled as such. Details will be listed in product descriptions.


5. Who are the artists producing the items on this site?


Kris Swanson is the primary artist represented on this website. Sharp Knife's Blanket also features the work of many artisans, all of who have been carefully selected because of their knowledge and dedication to producing the highest quality products. Unless noted, items are not native made.


6. How may I pay for my order?


Orders may be placed using a credit card, PayPal or cash. Custom orders require a deposit for cost of materials and 50% of labor prior to work being started. Contact Kris for details on how to proceed with payment.


7. May I finance my purchase?


Yes! Sharp Knife's Blanket now works with Square Installments. This makes it easy to pay for a larger item over time!


8. What is the delivery time for my order?


Since each item is hand made, some items will be in stock and some will be made to order. You can call or email your order and I will tell you when it will be finished, if it is not currently in stock.  Items are shipped via US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx. Shipping costs will vary depending on the item ordered. Orders over $100 shipped free.


We offer a fourteen-day money back satisfaction guarantee (less postage) on all items as long as they are returned in original condition.


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