Educational Programs


While half of this website is dedicated to selling Plains Indian style art, Sharp Knife's first love is educating the public about how the Plains Indians lived during the Rendezvous and Indian Wars periods (1800 to 1880).


Her programs throughout the Rocky Mountain west at many historic sites, museums, cultural centers and history-based events. A list of regular programs is below, or you may request a topic of your choice; contact her with your specific needs.

  • Displays

    Often, in conjunction with an educational program, Sharp Knife Woman will set up her historic tipi for display. Arranged to illustrate how a tipi would have been used by a typical Plains Indian family, her tipi features most of the items they would have owned. While on display, Sharp Knife explains the tipi, how it works, and the items inside.


    Tipi displays are time intensive, and a minimum charge of a full day is required regardless of program length. A tipi display is perfect for multiple day events.


    Additionally, displays of food, herbs, hide scraping, or other specialty items is available.

  • Programs

    Regular program topics include:

    • Women in the Fur Trade
    • Women in th Robe Trade
    • Plains Indian Tipis
    • Women Warriors of the Plains
    • Plains Indian Fashion Show


    Programs vary in length, content and complexity, based on clients’ needs, and are delivered in period appropriate clothing using period appropriate objects.


    •  One-hour programs may be given on

        a wide variety of topics, from tipi

        living, specific historic events,

        clothing, the role of women, primitive

        weapons and more.


    •  Two-hour children’s programs

        featuring a presentation followed by

        an activity such as learning a game,

        craft or song.


    •  Special workshops are perfect for

        teaching specific skills, such as

        bead work, moccasin making,

        primitive fire making, primitive

        cooking, leather tanning, and more.

  • Face Painting

    Sharp Knife Woman also paints kids faces using historic designs and traditional earth pigment paint. Kids face painting is a terrific way to have something inexpensive for children that is also educational and unique.

  • Pricing

    Please contact Sharp Knife with your specific programmatic needs, and she will be happy to create a program to meet your desires and budget.


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