Buffalo Hide Shields


The Medicine Shield


Medicine Shields were sacred objects decorated with symbolic designs that reflected the personal vision and “medicine” or spirit-guided power of Native American warriors.

Shields were initially designed for physical protection, but as guns and modern weapons were introduced, their power became symbolic in nature. Often, a smaller replica of a large war shield would be made and carried in the place of a large shield. Medicine Shields were made in many sizes, and would be attached to a shirt, bonnet or quiver, and  sometimes attaching it to his horse in order to gain spiritual protection.


Medicine shields had specific meaning to each individual and so each was unique. Personal pictures, emblems and symbols would be painted on the buffalo hide Medicine Shields, which were then covered with a leather cover, which was also decorated. The outer cover was used to keep the personal medicine symbols private.


Constructed of sturdy buffalo rawhide and covered with a brain tanned outer cover, our Medicine Shields are historically correct replicas of the originals. Shield covers are decorated with earth pigment paints, feathers, fur, claws, antique beads and other objects. Pick a design that speaks to you, then add your own personal medicine to the inside. Simply loosen the cover, add your power symbols, and replace the cover.


Buffalo Hide Shield

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