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Sharp Knife's Blanket was created to serve as an online outlet for the many friends and customers Kris has developed over the years. For more than 24 years, she has been recreating Plain Indian reproductions for customers looking for authentic designs and craftsmanship. The items Kris produces are used both in her own living history demonstrations and by clients as working items and artwork. Her work has been featured in films, paintings by western artists and galleries.


Kris' area of interest and expertise is Plains Indians 1800 to 1880 (classic American Fur Trade and Indian Wars periods). From the time she was a small child, Kris’ fascination with native cultures has led to a lifetime of reading and learning. Kris holds a bachelor’s degree in History, has visited the archived collections of major museums, and has participated in many authentic primitive Indian camps and  living history events.


Her goal has been to learn as much as possible about not only the material culture of the Indians, but how they used the items they had. Kris earned the name Sharp Knife Woman during her first buffalo hunt in the Black Hills, where she spent many hours sharpening knives and assisting with butchering.


In historic times, trading occurred on trade blankets laid out on the ground so customers may inspect the merchandise. This concept carries on today at many of the events Kris participates in, with a trade blanket laid out in front of her tipi. At long last, Sharp Knife’s Blanket may now be found online.


Sharp Knife's Blanket is dedicated to producing the highest quality replica artifacts available anywhere in the world. All products offered are handcrafted, reproduced to scale, three dimensionally and as close to the original item as possible in construction and material. In addition to Kris' work, Sharp Knife's Blank offers a limited number of items created by other well-known Plain Indian artisans and historians. Featured artists are listed in item descriptions. Along with what you see here, we do a significant amount of custom work. Please contact us to discuss your specific desires.

Sharl Knife Woman, Kris Swanson

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